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Save time, storage and money! Buying in full box brings the best advantage to your business.

Doubly intense pleasure? Assure it today, Moanstar is gonna rock your world!

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Save time, storage and money! Buying in full box brings the best advantage to your business.

Mute your phone, lie down comfortably and forget about the outside world.
Moanstar has the power to bring the most powerful and explosive orgasms to you!

This incredible stimulator massages your G-Spot with 10 powerful and silent vibrations while the other end floods your clitoris with 10 waves of pleasure.
You can use both ends simultaneously or switch between their delicious ways.

The Moanstar is rechargeable via USB cable, and so discreet that you can carry it in your bag.

Want an even more intense experience? Use it during a relaxing bath as it is completely waterproof.

Moanstar is ergonomic and very easy to use, press the desired button for 2 seconds, choose between pressure waves, vibration or both at the same time, you decide!

The USB charging cable can be connected to any USB port, Moanstar blocks use during charging to prevent overheating.

A full charge takes 150 minutes and gives you 1 hour of play time.

Use a water-based lubricant for an even better experience and keep the quality of your Moanstar intact.

Keep your Moanstar separate from other toys.

Read the instruction manual provided before using.

Dimensions: 11cm in length; 3,5cm in diameter. Insertable

Box with 24 units.

Technical specifications
Main Brand
Weight & Packaging
11.60 Kg
53.00 cm
36.00 cm
31.00 cm

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